Transparent, secure, featureful VPN

omagatoki is a VPN provider which Stands oUt. It supports advertizement cut-off, IPv6, decentralized anonymous messenger notifications such as Tox and BitMessage, access to the I2P networks and more.

  Have you known ...

VPN is longer a luxury, it's a neccessity. Over time goverments and internet giants have developed the habit to spy on their citizens and users and take advantage of the information they obtain. Against all the odds, some goverments proclaim that they value freedom, yet continue to spy on the ordinary people in the Internet inside and outside their countries.

By using omagatoki VPN you get much of your privacy back and greatly increase your security.

Our traits

Privacy encouraged

You're free to give us as little information as you can, for example, by paying via Bitcoin.

Free tools

Some of our tools are absolutely free.


We contribute to open source software.